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ScratchLink: Educational Coding & Robotics
Scratch2&3 (MIT) Drag & Drop coding

Supports all devices: Windows, Mac, Ipad, Android & Iphone

Wireless coding: BT, BLE, Wifi, Custom BT dongle

Program Lego EV3/WEDO, Arduino, WEMOS Shields + ScratchLink Devices

ScratchLink Devices: WiInterface, eBots, Mechatronics kits + Experiment Board

Integrated custom curiculum and eLearn system

Companion code Learning system: Google Blockly + JavaScript + Python

Developing tinkerers and scientific investigators through engaging fun hands on STEM projects
Who can we Help?
  • Educators & Schools delivering Coding & Robotics 
  • Maker Spaces
  • Students with robotics and engineering projects
  • Hobbyists developing robotic scratch build projects 
  • Curriculum Heads/Schools implementing STEM programmes
Our Goals
  • Facilitate engaging STEM projects & programmes
  • Provide educators with rigorous scientific investigations
  • Encourage STEM learning and careers amongst young students
  • Extend individual students with engineering projects
  • Develop resilient & resourceful tinkerers of complex systems​