ScratchLink  Coding and Robotics system – wireless Wifi/BlueTooth – out of browser coding with Scratch3 & JavaScript editor plus it works across all platforms so use with PC, Mac, Android and iPads. Checkout eBots, Wii4Scratch programmable game controller plus WiiMatrix4Scratch and the WiiExp4Scratch.  StudentSites: create ePortfolios & WebSites using simple blocks OR teach web development with Blocks or Code with Wordpress. StemAcademy resources for STEM teaching.

ScratchLink: educational coding & robotics for Primary and Up. Cross platform live browser WIFI Block Coding and JavaScript Coding for our robotic hardware with built in GamePad functionality. Use PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android so no apps to install. No code compilation or download cables. Coding robot simulator and curriculum modules/tutorials.  Codes your existing Lego EV3, WeDo, microbit etc.